Everything You Need To Know About Pokemon GO Equinox Event

Everything You Need To Know About Pokemon GO Equinox Event

Pokemon GO‘s Equinox Event is live, even if the end of Summer seems to have met by burning hot temperatures here in the Northeast. It’s the first Global Event since Pokemon GO Fest and the first standalone event of this kind since the thematically similar Solstice Event.

It seems to be doing well for the game, propelling players back out into the streets and shooting it back up the app charts for a much-needed infusion of excitement. But it’s a bit of a grab bag as far as bonuses go, so check out the three main things you’ll want to know about the event below:

Double Stardust:

Stardust is something you rarely notice until you run out of it. You can only get it from three activities in the game: catching Pokemon, hatching eggs, and feeding candy to Pokemon at gyms. You use it to level up your Pokemon, something you’ll be doing a lot of post-level 30. And while low-level upgrades don’t take too much Stardust, a single upgrade can require as much as 5000 Stardust for a high-level creature.

That means that it becomes a very valuable commodity in the endgame, especially for people that are trying to put together teams for Raids. This event doubles Stardust rewards from hatching eggs and catching Pokemon, meaning that you can level up your critters twice as quickly as you would normally be able to.

Speical 2 km eggs:

2 km eggs usually contain some of the least useful Pokemon in the game: they take the least amount of time to hatch, and they offer least rewards, as well. That’s shifted a bit with this event. now some of the rarest Pokemon in the game are available from 2 km eggs, including the Larvitar, which evolves into Tyranitar, the second-highest potential CP creature in the game.

You’ll also be able to get Chansey and Mareep, rare Pokémon whose evolutions are even rarer: if you’ve been vexed by an Ampharos-shaped hole in your Pokedex ever since Gen 2 came out, this might be your opportunity to remedy that. There are some other rare Pokémon hatching out of 2 km eggs as well. You can still get some of the usual trash you get with 2 km eggs, but it’s more than worth it to burn your incubators now for a shot at more Larvitar.

Super Incubators:

You might find yourself with a glut of eggs you’ll want to clear out to make room for those valuable 2 km eggs being provided for the event. And wouldn’t you know it, there’s a way to spend some real money to make that happen. Super Incubators are a new in-game item that works 1.5 times as fast as a standard incubator — that means they won’t make such a huge difference on the relatively low lift of a 2 km egg, but they can be useful for clearing out any 10 km eggs wearing you down.

Super Incubators are available as part of Special, Great, and Ultra boxes. A  Special Box contains 3 Super Incubators and Five Lure Modules for 480 coins, a Great Box contains 5 Super Incubators, four Lucky Eggs and ten Lure Modules for 980 coins, and an Ultra Box contains eight Super Incubators, eight Lucky Eggs and 15 Lure Modules for 140 coins. I’m still bogged down with excess Lure Modules from the last round of boxes, so maybe I should go spread some wealth.

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