Pokemon Go – Developer Niantic Inspires New Manga Series

Pokemon Go – Developer Niantic Inspires New Manga Series
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Developer Niantic was responsible for another mobile game before Pokemon Go took the world by storm. That game was called Ingress, and it was another augmented reality app that did the business in terms of popularity. Now it’s also inspired a manga series.

In the manga series Ingress-teki Nichijō -Chloe-san no Baai, a young man named Ibuki meets a girl named Chloe and accidentally breaks her phone. Feeling bad about it, of course, he lets her use his and the two start playing Ingress together as they make their way around town. You can probably put two and two together from there.

The manga is going right now and launched last June in Dengeki G’s Comic magazine, though the first volume just shipped out on Monday. It’s pretty interesting to see Niantic’s other property getting this kind of attention, wouldn’t you agree?

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