Pokemon GO: Detective Pikachu, Shiny Glaceon and Leafeon

Pokemon GO: Detective Pikachu, Shiny Glaceon and Leafeon

To celebrate Pokemon Go Detective Pikachu movie, an update was released by Niantic which will last for a week.

In this event, we will be able to catch Detective Pikachu movie Pokemon’s in special limited Field Research, raid battles and double XP for a catch. On top of this, we will also be able to catch limited edition Detective Pikachu and SHiny Aipom and Ambipom.

Detective Hat Pikachu

To catch the elusive Detective Hat Pikachu you have to use your camera with AR+ mode. When you open the camera Pikachu will pop up in the background. We had previously caught Ash Hat Pikachu and Smeargle the same way.

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But there is a catch, if you open a camera and leave without snapping a picture, you will have to wait 24 hours to see the Detective Hat Pikachu again.

Detective Pikachu Field Research List

Activity list for the Field Research will be available from May 17th, at 4 PM Eastern Time. So hurry up and complete them soon.

• Catch the Water-type Pokémon carried in a backpack (Psyduck)
• Catch the seed Pokémon that is seen walking in a river (Bulbasaur)
• Catch 10 Jigglypuff, Aipom, or Snubbull
• Catch the fire-type evolution of Eevee (Flareon)

Detective Pikachu Field Research Rewards

The reward for each of the four tasks is an encounter with a Pokemon, which may be rare for some and common for others.

• Magikarp (oh, wow, a fish)
• Treecko (fancy leafy!)
• Ditto (looking like Zubat until you catch)
• Arcanine (call the firehouse!)

Shiny Aipom and Ambipom

We can now find and capture shiny Aipom and Ambipom in Pokemon Go. Their spawn rate according to the Reddit research is the same as other shiny Pokemon, but we expected it to be higher.

But according to the Reddit research Shiny Bulbasaur, Cubone, Snubbull, Squirtle, Charmander, and Psyduck are now more common than before.

Glaceon and Leafeon evolution from Eevee

Earlier evolution of Eevee, Leafeon, and Glaceon will soon be available and the method for the evolution was also leaked last week. They can be evolved using the Glacial Lure Module and the Mossy Lure Module.

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