Pokemon Go Changed Item Drop Rates Again

Pokemon Go Changed Item Drop Rates Again

Pokemon Go has seemingly made some massive changes to how items are distributed once again, particularly when it comes to healing items.

Last month, we reported that PokeStops briefly were only giving out two items at a time, infuriating players who relied on PokeStops as their primary way of collecting PokeBalls, potions, and other items. This issue was eventually fixed without an announcement, leaving players wondering whether it was some sort of glitch or if Pokemon Go was testing something bigger.

Now, Pokemon Go developers have seemingly changed which items come from PokeStops. While players can still get PokeBalls and berries in mass quantities from PokeStops, they almost never drop potions or revives. We’ll note that PokeStops haven’t entirely stopped dropping potions and revives, but they’re an extremely rare item now…at least from PokeStops.

Luckily, players can still obtain potions and revives in “normal” quantities from gyms along with PokeBalls and berries. In fact, some players believe that gyms are giving out even more potions and revives than usual, although that’s a purely anecdotal observation.

Pokemon Go hasn’t formally announced this change yet, but there’s a ton of evidence supporting that this was a deliberate decision by the game’s developers. And, unlike the last change to how items are distributed, this seems to make a lot of sense.

If you’re a player who enjoys the competitive aspects of Pokemon Go, you can still get the potions and revives you need to keep your Pokemon healthy as they battle their way through gyms and raids. However, if you’re the type of player who’s only interested in catching Pokemon, then you no longer need to dump potions and revives to make room for PokeBalls and berries.

Of course, not all Pokemon Go players might see this as a positive. If players are relying on gyms to get their PokeBalls, they might not be happy about getting more potions and revives instead.

We’ll have to see if this is a permanent change or just the latest in low key tinkering by Pokemon Go developers.

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