New Pokemon Go Glitch Adds MissingNo Twist


Pokemon Go players have been working to complete raids after the recent update created the new challenge system filled with powerful Pokemon atop of gyms, but one user has recently reported a glitch with the raid system that led some readers to joke that the mysterious MissingNo has now made its way into Pokemon Go.

The report of the strange Pokemon Go glitch comes from a photo posted to r/TheSilphRoad by Redditor Arcaneparadise. The user posted a photo of a raid that showed a seemingly empty gym despite the “Pokemon Name” text hovering above the arena and a whopping 300,000 CP being attributed to the invisible foe.

Users quickly — and jokingly — attributed the invisible entity to being MissingNo, one of the most well-known Pokemon glitches from Pokemon Red, Blue, and Yellow. The glitchy Pokemon could be caught, but couldn’t be evolved or taught any level-up moves.

New Pokemon Go Glitch Adds MissingNo Twist
Photo: Arcaneparadise via Reddit

Fortunately, another user who was knowledgeable about Pokemon Go’s Unity engine stepped in to clarify what was happening in the Pokemon Go glitch.

We are looking at what is called a ‘scene’ in Unity,” explained Redditor GamesOfSummer. “Developers then use an empty scene to set up all the text/props/etc for that scene, ignoring the fact that a Pokemon isn’t in there yet. So the 300,000 is a good indicator that they wanted to make sure that the font would fit … so bosses could go this high.”

Some in the thread took that information and ran with it, speculating that Legendary Pokemon could potentially be fought with CP levels of that size, but we won’t know if that’s the case or if this was simply a spacing test until the Legendaries are unveiled.

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