Marvel Super War: Winter Soldier Guide

Marvel Super War:  Winter Soldier Guide

Winter Soldierin marvel super war is a Marksman. Master in hand-to-hand combat, a bionic arm can discharge an EMP blast.

Steve Rogers’ childhood friend James Buchanan “Bucky” Barnes was thought to have died in combat during World War 2, but he was secretly revived, brainwashed, and transformed into a fearsome assassin known as Winter Soldier.

He reformed with help of his friends and now fights side by side with the Avengers.

Winter Soldier Stats


Winter Soldier Attacks

Natural Passive

Cold Precision: After every 3 basic attacks performed, the Winter Soldier’s next basic attack is enhanced and deals an extra 75(+70%Bonus Physical Attack)(+10*Level)(+5%Target’s Max HP(Increases 1% every 6.67*Level)) physical damage.

Sniper Shot

Winter Soldier fires a shot in the specified direction, dealing 340(+140%Bonus Physical Attack) physical damage to enemies in the bullet’s path.

Flank Gliding

The Winter Soldier hurls a smoke bomb at the specified area, dealing 210(+100%Bonus Physical Attack) physical damage to enemies in range. Enemies caught within the smoke are also slowed by 50% and have their healing reduced by 50%. The debuff effects disappear when they leave the smoke.

Expert Takedown

The Winter Soldier charges at the specified target, dealing 400(+120%Bonus Physical Attack) physical damage and knocking them down for 0.6 seconds. After charging, he rolls a distance backward.
He cannot be targeted while charging.

Winter Soldier Gameplay


Dual Daggers, Clairvoyant Boots, Dual Blade, Silent Hunter, Twilight Blade, and Nightsword (Sky Shadows can also be good.


Unstable Radiation (Green), Transform Particle (Green), Resistance Module (Purple) and Speelcast Boost (Purple)

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