Marvel Super War: Vision Guide

Marvel Super War: Vision Guide

Vision in Marvel Super War is a Marksman Hero (Normal) and is an S Tier Hero. Vision Ultimate is automatically unlocked at the start and its huge range makes him overpowered.

Vision Stats


Vision Attacks

Vision Computational Power
Computational Power (Passive)
Hero Trait, CD: 0 secs
Vision Density Manipulation
Density Manipulation
Active | Invincible, CD: 18 secs, No Cost
Vision Solar Radiation
Solar Radiation
Active | Damage, CD: 8 secs, No Cost
Vision Solar Energy Beam
Solar Energy Beam
Active | Damage, CD: 18 secs, No Cost

Abilities Details

Computational Power

Passive: Vision enters Computational Power, ignoring terrain and gaining acceleration by 25%/30%/35%/40% for 1.5 seconds (upgrades at Lv. 1/6/11/16).

Density Manipulation

Vision reduces his body’s density and enters Computational Power, becoming immune to enemy damage and control for 1.5 seconds. He cannot use basic attacks while this is active.

Solar Radiation

Vision unleashes a solar beam in the specified location, dealing 20(+80%Physical Attack) physical damage to enemies nearby and leaving a burn on the ground that lasts 2 seconds. The burn deals 20(+15%Physical Attack) physical damage to enemies within it every 0.5 seconds (damage to minions reduced to 65%) with an added 35% slow effect.

Solar Energy Beam

Passive: After using this ability, Vision’s next 2 basic attack(s) will deal 10(+15%Physical Attack) extra physical damage and increase attack speed by 20%.
Active: Vision gathers power and releases a superpowered beam in the specified direction, dealing 80(+50%Physical Attack) (+2%Target’s Max HP(Increases 1% every 80Bonus Physical Attack)) physical damage to enemies in its path and the first enemy hero it hits. Upon striking a hero, Vision enters Computational Power. The beam’s accuracy and attack range increase with time spent gathering power, reaching max attack range at 1.5 seconds and becoming a crit.
This ability can recharge once every 18 seconds up to 1 time(s).

Vision Gameplay Guide


Vision is a bottom lane hero, use him to harass enemies from distance with your ultimate and escape using S1.

Build Items

Silent Hunter, Hunting Greaves, Night Sword, Double Daggers, Stormbreaker and Gungnir


Swift Pummel, Strike Particle, Resistance Module, and Spellcast Boost

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