Marvel Super War: Thanos Guide (June 2022)

Marvel Super War: Thanos Guide (June 2022)

Thanos in Marvel Super War is a Fighter class hero with Extreme difficulty and an S+ Tier. Thanos has a damage shield trait, can knockback and slow enemies down and deals a high amount of damage making him a great Fighter.

Thanos Stats


Thanos Abilities

Mad Titan

Passive: If Thanos hasn’t taken any damage within 5 seconds, he gains a shield that can absorb up to (+10%Max HP) damage.

Passive – Decimation: Once Thanos has collected all six Infinity Stones, he can K.O. half of all surviving enemy heroes at random with a snap of his fingers. If Thanos is attacked by a hero while trying to snap his fingers, he will be interrupted and this ability will enter a 5-second cooldown.

Cosmic Power

Thanos channels power for a short duration before charging and punching in the specified direction, dealing 120 (+120%Physical Attack) physical damage to enemies in a rectangular area and inflicting a 50% slow effect for 2 seconds. He can move freely while channeling power. He can punch again in the specified direction within 5 seconds of casting, dealing 120 (+120%Physical Attack) physical damage to enemies in range and briefly knocking them back.

Once Thanos has the Power Stone or Mind Stone, the ability effect will change.

Titan Rage

Thanos stomps the ground to deal 200 (+70%Physical Attack) physical damage and inflict a 20% slow effect for 1.5 seconds on nearby enemies, while his next basic attack becomes Brutal Pummel.

Brutal Pummel: Thanos’ basic attacks deal an extra (+100%Physical Attack) physical damage and launch up targets for 0.8 seconds.

Once Thanos has the Space Stone or Reality Stone, the ability effect will change.

Titan Strike

Thanos charges in the specified direction.

When the Soul Stone or the Time Stone has been obtained, the ability effect is changed.

Infinity Gauntlet

Passive: Each upgrade to this ability grants Thanos an Infinity Stone. He must channel the stone for 3 seconds to activate its enhancement effect. Each enhancement also grants a new Infinity Stone to Avatar of Bast, Surtur, and the enemy hero with the most K.O.s in sequence. Thanos can collect these stones by assisting in the K.O. If Thanos is KO’d, he loses 2 stone(s) collected from the battlefield.

Thanos can change the enhancement effects of his collected stones in the Rest Area.

Active: Thanos punches the specified enemy hero with Infinity Gauntlet, dealing 300 (+100%Physical Attack) (+25%Target’s Missing HP) physical damage.

Thanos Builds

Thanos passive gives him +10%max hp shield every 5sec when out of combat.

Stone Build

Power Stone
Marvel Super War: Thanos Guide (June 2022) 1
Reality Stone
Marvel Super War: Thanos Guide (June 2022) 2
Soul Stone

Thanos Item Build

Marvel Super War: Thanos Guide (June 2022) 3
Quantum Rifle
Marvel Super War: Thanos Guide (June 2022) 4
Hydra Boots
Marvel Super War: Thanos Guide (June 2022) 5
Marvel Super War: Thanos Guide (June 2022) 6
Marvel Super War: Thanos Guide (June 2022) 7
Cloak of Levitation
Marvel Super War: Thanos Guide (June 2022) 8
Captain America’s Shield

Combo :

1(a) – 2(a) – 2(b) – 1(b) – autoattack and then 3 to safety ( harass in lane )


Ult for the kill/continue to fight.

Build 1 : Standard Glorious armor -> Hydra boots – Double daggers -> Starlight armor -> Megingjord-> Capt America shield

Aim to farm until you have your reality stone and glorious armor. Then shove your lane and rotate toward mid/cat boss while enemy toplaner is stuck under turret. Mid/Late game try to grab easy kills catching people with mind stone and keep farming. Use all your cc to peel for your carry. Don’t hesitate to use your ult on a tank/fighter diving your backline, the burst will surprise them. Once you have Soul stone and some cooldown reduction, you will be pretty much unkillable as long as you rotate correctly between fight/running away while healing.

Note: Thanos can solo Surtur once he gets glorious armor+daggers+ reality stone

Build 2 : Assassin Hydra boots -> Double daggers -> Nightsword -> Stormbreaker -> Gungnir -> Godslayer

Stones – Power -> Reality -> Time/Soul

Cores – red green ( main ) yellow purple

A more aggressive build can poke harder in the lane for an easier kill setup. Early game aims to farm until you get 6 and power stone, poke around if possible. Once you get your stone, harass for free the enemy with your explosion until he reaches around mid-health. Then you can go for a kill with a full combo and wound. If the enemy is not killed don’t dive, he will have to back anyway and you are free to roam mid/shove and go heal. Mid-game try to farm and pickup kills while roaming aggressively around the bottom, once you get nightsword you should be able to kill any mage or marksman in one rotation. Late game repeat the kills on carries and escape using the time stone

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