Marvel Super War: Quicksilver Hero Guide

Marvel Super War: Quicksilver Hero Guide

Quicksilver in Marvel Super War is an Assassin with Easy difficulty and is an S Tier Hero.

Quicksilver Stats


Quicksilver Abilities

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Super-Speed (Passive)
Quicksilver will appear by the side of his next basic attack target near instantaneously after any ability, dealing (+130%Physical Attack) physical damage while Quicksilver recovers 20 Force.
Quicksilver Instastrike
Quicksilver quickly charges to deal 130(+130%Bonus Physical Attack) physical damage to the target and nearby enemies, while recovering 0 Force. For each additional target he hits, he recovers 0 additional Force, up to 0 Force.
Quicksilver Hypercharge
Quicksilver charges in the specified direction, dealing 105(+55%Bonus Physical Attack) physical damage to enemies in his path and recovering 25 Force for each unit hit. This ability can be stored up to 2 times.
Quicksilver Spatial Relativity
Spatial Relativity
Quicksilver draws on his Force for 3 seconds to create a special space-time energy field that lasts 3 seconds. If Quicksilver is in it, time is accelerated for him by 80%.

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