Marvel Super War OverPowered Heroes

Marvel Super War OverPowered Heroes

Currently, Marvel Super War has six overpowered heroes in the game. So let’s discuss them one by one.

DEADPOOL: He has Crowd Control (Cc) and almost full damage immunity for like 90% of the time, has super mobility, tankiness, and to top that of “TWO stuns”. He is one of the most banned heroes in the game and some players even are of the opinion he should just be removed from the game. Deadpool literally has a Dodge/immunity built into every single one of his skills.

Playing against him is purely the opposite of fun because he hard counters most hero skills by spinning his swords and flipping away. Imagine nullifying most ultimates with a 10 (?) second cooldown spell.

Most Deadpool players would just spin swords through a team fight and absorbs all the various charges, cc, and damages. He is the one character that I would say is completely broken in this game and an instant ban.

Dr Strange: Range of almost half the map with auto-aim spell cast and that combined with one of the highest damage and AOE ultimate combos in-game.

At least with the other range monster Yondu, you actually need some aiming skill to do well. Dr strange just sits half the map away from most team fights, presses portal + ult + nuke and lets auto-aim do the work.

Ancient one: Ultra buff, broken version of Captain America. Basically unkillable due to never-ending shields and 1-second cd unlimited blinks. To top it off, her ultimate benefits from a slightly unfair graphic advantage where most people can’t see clearly enough to dodge on a small mobile phone screen, and the lines sometimes just don’t appear to other players.

Ant-Man: Cc for days, super overtuned splash damage, and ability to absorb obscene amounts of damage like crazy in giant mode. Then get out of jail with blink and ant mode. Basically tank version of Deadpool. He’s not as bad as the first 3 so half the time he doesn’t get banned.

Namor: Purely due to the uncounterable and mostly undodgeable ultimate. Without the ultimate, he’s just mediocre. With the ult and a halfway decent team splash damage he’s crazy. I’ve seen a Dr strange ult and Namor ultimate Penta kill the team. Dr strange never even left his base.

Vision: It’s his never-ending artillery ultimate that is also buggy as hell, but weirdly inconsistent. In some games, I have no idea how I hit my targets and the critical damage is weird. Most times it wipes 60% hp, but sometimes it tickles the enemy with 20% damage. I have no idea what the hell is up with his ultimate. Aim wise, there are games where I hit every shot with insane splash damage and games where it breezes past the target 1 marksman away.

Which hero according to you should not be on the list or should be added to the above list? Leave a comment.

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  1. Warheros

    Human Torch in right hands in really annoying.

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