Marvel Super War: Best Heroes For Each Role

Marvel Super War: Best Heroes For Each Role


Magneto has the most versatile kit among mages and doesn’t have the same weaknesses as other energy users due to his survivability and unavoidable damage.

Scarlet Witch has the most defensive positioning and strong crowd control. With the right equipment, you can erase enemies quickly and still maintain a significant cooldown reduction.

Iron Man is very mobile but not much cc.


Hulk: has great damage output and is quote tanky, his first attack has a rangeability, but also can take the opposing character out of action for a significant time. Great for initiating ambushes. Ridiculously easy to play with high impact abilities and has good damage.

The Thing has great cc with shield, clearing passive, ranged poke, and an ult 5x better than hulks. Only missing is sustain but just give him leech talent you should be good.


Corvus Glaive dash ability throws the opponent back towards your team, or your tower and his passive is really good.

Captain America feels like the best laner right now. He’s pretty darn hard to gank too so you’ll make out of laning phase helly easily.


Star-Lord coming out of the brush while under the influence of Skill 3 speed, it is very hard to deal. Star-Lords ultimate will easily clear the minion wave while at the same time zone out enemies that stay near the tower and clearing your wave. Produces high pressure by flying past the enemies and unleashing the damage from Skill 1.

Angel also is really good at snowballing and great in mid-game.


Mantis has several options to heal her teammates. She can steadily heal them with her Third Ability – Psychic Empathy, but she can also do bursts of healing with First Aid/Psychic Empathy combo, which will grant her teammate 50% more healing from the First Aid. Her ultimate is one of the best team-fighting support ultimates in the game. Her Passive Ability – Perception allows her to have a vision of the nearest brush.

Yondu range is so freaking huge.


Black Panther, his ultimate will ensure that nobody can escape.

Quicksilver is ridiculous, everyone’s experienced that one good quicksilver player who 1v9s but he does have a good counterplay after you understand his ability interactions

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