Marvel Super War: Mister Fantastic Hero Guide

Marvel Super War: Mister Fantastic Hero Guide

Mister Fantastic in Marvel Super War is a Fighter with Normal difficulty and an S Tier Hero. Mister Fantastic has high mobility, control abilitiy, and can become immune to basic attacks for few seconds.

With all these abilities Mister Fantastic can initiate fights, be in middle of the of everything and still survive.

Mister Fantastic Stats


Mister Fantastic Abilities

Mister Fantastic Elasticity
Elasticity (Passive)
Hero Trait, CD: 0 Secs
Mister Fantastic Elastic Punch
Elastic Punch
Active | Damage, CD: 7 secs, Cost: 35 Energy
Mister Fantastic Flexibility
Active | Blink, CD: 10 secs, Cost: 50 Energy
Mister Fantastic Coil Strike
Coil Strike
Active | Control, CD: 50 secs, Cost: 100 Energy

Recommended Tactics

  • Leech
  • Blink

Ability Leveling

  • Elasticity (Basic ability): decent sustain and good for clearing jungle.
  • Second priority should be Flexibility: lower cooldown of mobility skill.
  • Next should be Ultimate – Coil Strike.
  • Last Elastic Punch.

Ability Details


Passive: Mister Fantastic becomes immune to all basic attack damage (excluding turret damage) for 4.75 seconds if he manages to hit an enemy hero with his basic attack. This has a 10-second cooldown.

Elastic Punch

Mister Fantastic strikes in the specified direction with both hands, dealing 60 (+100%Physical Attack) (+5%Bonus Max HP) physical damage to enemies in range and slowing them by 35% for 1.5 seconds. After using this ability, Mister Fantastic’s next 3 basic attacks during the following 1.5 seconds gain additional range and deal an extra 25 (+20%Bonus Physical Attack) physical damage to the target, while also healing Mister Fantastic for 30 (+30%Bonus Physical Attack) . This HP restoration bonus decreases to 50% when attacking non-hero units.


Mister Fantastic elongates his hands in the specified direction. Upon hitting an enemy hero or beast, Mister Fantastic pulls himself to his target, dealing 100 (+55%Bonus Physical Attack) physical damage to the enemy and surrounding targets upon collision, and stunning them for 0.3 seconds. If the hero in question is friendly, then Mister Fantastic will simply move to the target’s location. Using this ability again within the next 5 seconds can trigger it once more.

Coil Strike

Mister Fantastic gathers his energy before charging in the specified direction, dealing 50 (+25% Physical Attack) physical damage to enemies in his path. If Mister Fantastic manages to hit an enemy hero, he will bind the hero with his flexible body, dealing a 2.5-second stun, as well as 40 physical damage every 0.3 seconds. Other abilities can be used while the target is bound.

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