Marvel Super War: Deadpool Hero Guide

Marvel Super War: Deadpool Hero Guide

Deadpool in Marvel Super War is a Fighter/Assassin type with Hard difficulty. He was one of the OP heroes that has been nerfed and is a B Tier Hero now. Deadpool has 2 states – Dual Blade mode and Dual Pistols mode.

Deadpool can be used as half marksman half bruiser. When in Sword mode, one can dive and control at close range, or when in gun mode one can disengage and poke from medium range.

Abilities: Regeneration and breaking the fourth wall.

He is a Gun-toting pseudo-samurai maniac. Wade Wilson acquired two powers during his torturous sojourn through the Weapon X project. The first is a healing factor so powerful that Wade is for all intents and purposes immortal.

The second is the ability to convince his writers to let him talk directly to readers. The Merc with a Mouth wouldn’t have it any other way.


Deadpool Skills

Can’t Touch This!

Passive: Deadpool gets a 2-second 40% movement speed boost after changing modes. If he hits an enemy hero with an ability during this time, the duration of this boost is reset.

Passive – Immortality: Deadpool is cursed to never die and will always have 0 deaths displayed.

Dual Blade mode

Catch Me If You Can

Deadpool charges in the specified direction, attacking enemies in his path twice and dealing 100(+40%Bonus Physical Attack) physical damage with each attack. At the same time, Deadpool enhances the next basic attack, dealing an additional 110(+60%Bonus Physical Attack)(+8%Target’s Missing HP) physical damage to the target for 1 seconds and slowing the target for 80% seconds.

Can’t Hit Me

Deadpool slices up a storm to parry with his dual blades, endowing him with as much as 70% or as little as 20% damage reduction depending on the duration for up to 3 seconds, during which he also deals 60(+25%Bonus Physical Attack) energy damage per second to nearby enemies.

Deadpool can’t perform basic attacks while parrying.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Deadpool somersaults backward and fires 2 bullets, each dealing (+60%Physical Attack) physical damage to struck enemy, switching Deadpool to Dual Pistols mode, and gaining a shield that absorbs 280(+140%Bonus Physical Attack) damage. The next 2 basic attacks after switching to Dual Pistols mode will deal an extra (+40%Physical Attack) physical damage to the enemy, and Deadpool will gain a 30% attack speed boost for 3 seconds.

Dual Pistols mode

Katana Time!

Deadpool throws his blade in the specified direction, which will stop and spin if it hits an enemy or when it reaches its max distance, dealing 90(+40% bonus physical attack) physical damage every 0.35 seconds and slowing the target by 35% for 2 seconds.

Fire In The Hole!

Deadpool throws a hand grenade in the specific direction, which will detonate on hitting the ground or an enemy to deal 160(+45% physical attack) physical damage and a 1-second stun to those caught in the blast radius.

Blade Fight

Deadpool draws his katanas to shift into Dual Blades form, dealing an additional(+60% physical attack) physical damage against the enemies, gaining a 30% attack speed boost for 3 seconds, and enhancing the next 2 basic attacks.

Deadpool Gameplay Guide

Build plan: Look for items that will get you to 40% cooldown reduction and raw physical damage increase. Deadpool is a really strong AD caster. The only drawbacks here is that he will have less DPS than a marksman (say rocket raccoon) towards the end of the game, and mistiming a skill input can get you killed easily.

Level up S1 first (the one with the command dash and shuriken). Get Deadpool’s shotgun and position yourself behind the big jungle monster. In sword stance, hit the enemy once it spawns, dash through it, and switch into gun stance (make sure to aim at the monster).

Immediately throw a shuriken after and switch to sword stance again when you can. Save leech for last hitting the monster OR if you’re confident no one’s gonna try to steal it from you (i.e stupid teammate), use leech as early as you can so it comes back up faster.

Level up S3 (the grenade/ knock-up thing) and kill the nearest monster OR prepare to ambush mid or the lane closest to you. Remember at LVL 2, Deadpool now has access to 5 skills (wtf right?) -> A dash which you’ll always use to gap close, a knockup which does % missing health dmg as well but you’ll use most of the time to initiate, two shots from switching to gun stance (which makes you untargeatble btw so immune to cc as well), a grenade that stuns, and a shuriken that hurts on top of it. So having that in mind, remember this combo well:

Sword stance -> skill 1 to dash -> skill 3 to knockup an enemy ->atttack once -> Immediately Switch to gun stance to shoot them while your basic attack’s recovering (normally you either go near their tower so you can chase after OR to the side, at lvl 2, deadpool has the most damage in the game because of those 5 skills, although you’ll only use 4 to damage them) -> throw a grenade to stun -> immediately follow up with shuriken -> shoot with 2/3 pistols And then switch again to sword stance and 1 -> 3 for the kill

At level 3, you unlock deadpool’s last skill which makes him immune (Why…. lol) to ALL forms of crowd control yet again while also providing massive damage reduction -> Just remember to hold the button (BUT sometimes holding the button will show the skill description instead, which is really a bummer lol). The damage is pitiful but so will be the enemy’s.

Once you have all skills, just remember that you only really need to follow one sequence, and for the sake of clarity, I’ll separate them all this time.

  1. Start in gun stance from afar (or while hidden from everyone)
  2. Press skill 2 for the 5-second attack speed boost
  3. Switch to sword stance
  4. Dash with skill 1, nevermind that it doesn’t do any damage. You need to surprise people.
  5. Knockup with skill 3

After step 5, this is where things will vary. Early game you’ll have an easy time picking people off. Late game, enemies will be clumped together and they will know to focus you the moment you get in (so you don’t chunk 80% or instagib their carries), but thanks to deadpool’s sword spin thingy, even if you build deadpool completely squishy, he can become extremely tanky for a while. So you have two options from here:

5.a -> Do the usual kill / hit-and-run combo by immediately switching to gun stance (AGAIN this makes you untargetable, i.e immune to cc lmao), and all you need to do is mash gun stance into grenade followed by shuriken. The whole enemy team will get stunned and if they try to follow you, they will lose at least 10~25% of their hp (depending on armor) cause of the shuriken OR

5.b -> Even at full AD build, after knocking up the carry, I stay in the field for a while by spinning my swords. Deadpool is completely immune to cc but CAN be targeted, which is actually hilarious when I see enemies waste their ultimates on me. Remember having enemies blow Cc on you means they’re left with less CC to use on your remaining teammates.

For the last items, you can either get the one that gives lifesteal OR the defensive one which grants you a ton of hp + a shield if you receive a certain amount of % dmg. In pubs (where your team is mostly disorganized), I recommend the lifesteal one.

The latter is exceptional if you trust your teammates as well because that item alone makes Deadpool become a really excellent late-game initiator. Even if that’s the only defensive item he has, if you time the shield proc to coincide with your sword parry thing, your enemies will never be able to empty that shield with all the damage reduction.

One last thing, for core (since you’re jungling), I recommend getting the one at LVL 10 which increases the buff time and reduces jungle damage. For spells, the leech is obvious and you can play around with the last. I recommend blink so you can dive anyone at LVL 2 (kill them in their tower) then blink out, but paralyze is a top contender as well.

If you combine damage reduction + enemy does reduced damage for 2 seconds, once again, your sword parry thingy will go a long way. Also, remember to get the core upgrade which deals damage on the ground for a few seconds. That thing really makes deadpool clear camps a lot faster.

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