Marvel Super War: Deadpool Hero Guide

Marvel Super War: Deadpool Hero Guide

Deadpool in Marvel Super War is a Fighter type with Hard difficulty and is a C Tier Hero. Deadpool has 2 states – Swords state and Gun state.

Deadpool can be used as half marksman half bruiser. When in Sword mode, one can dive and control at close range or when in gun mode one can disengage and poke from medium range.

Deadpool Stats


Deadpool Skills

Deadpool Can't Touch This!
Can’t Touch This! (Passive)
Hero Trait, CD: 0 secs
Deadpool Catch Me If You Can
Catch Me If You Can
Active | HP Regen, CD: 12 secs, Cost: 30 Energy
Deadpool Can't Hit Me
Can’t Hit Me
Active | Damage, CD: 8 secs, Cost: 35 Energy
Deadpool Ya Can't Hide!
Ya Can’t Hide!
Active | Blink, CD: 8 secs, Cost: 50 Energy
Deadpool Bang! Bang! Bang!
Bang! Bang! Bang!
Active | Enhance, CD: 50 secs, Cost: 100 Energy

Skills details

Can’t Touch This!

Passive: Deadpool gets a 2-second 40% movement speed boost after changing modes. If he hits an enemy hero with an ability during this time, the duration of this boost is reset.

Passive – Immortality: Deadpool is cursed to never die and will always have 0 deaths displayed.

Catch Me If You Can

Deadpool charges in the specified direction, attacking enemies in the path twice, each dealing 55 (+35%Bonus Physical Attack) physical damage.

Can’t Hit Me

Deadpool slices up a storm, endowing him with as much as 90% or as little as 20% damage resistance depending on how far through this move he is. Deadpool is immune to control effects while charging this ability and will also deal 40 (+25%Bonus Physical Attack) energy damage to nearby enemies for 4 seconds.

Deadpool can’t perform basic attacks while parrying.

Ya Can’t Hide!

Deadpool strikes the specified enemy hero to deal 60 (+40%Bonus Physical Attack) (+10%Target’s Missing HP) physical damage and a 0.75-second knockup effect. He also knocks back enemies near the target, dealing 40 (+30%Bonus Physical Attack) physical damage and a 1-second 40% slow effect.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Deadpool somersaults in the specified direction while firing two volleys, entering Dual Pistols mode. Each volley will deal (+65%Physical Attack) physical damage to its target. Deadpool cannot be targeted while he is in the air.

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