Marvel Super War: Black Panther Hero Guide

Marvel Super War: Black Panther Hero Guide

Black Panther in Marvel Super War is an Assassin with Beginner difficulty and is an A Tier Hero

Black Panther Stats


Black Panther Attacks

Black Panther Vibranium Armor
Vibranium Armor (Passive)
Hero Trait, CD: 0 secs
Black Panther Panther Claws
Panther Claws
Active | Damage, CD: 8 secs, Cost: 30 Energy
Black Panther Bast's Shadow
Bast’s Shadow
Active | Blink, CD: 10 secs, Cost: 35 Energy
Black Panther Strike
Panther Strike
Active | Control, CD: 10 secs, Cost: 45 Enery
Black Panther King of Wakanda
King of Wakanda
Active | Damage, CD: 45 secs, Cost:100 Energy

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