Legendary Pokemon, Trading And New Types Of Incense May Be Coming To Pokemon GO

Legendary Pokemon, Trading And New Types Of Incense May Be Coming To Pokemon GO

The original Pokemon GO trailer showed players trading Pokemon and working together to defeat Legendary Pokemon Mewtwo. Thus far, neither trading nor Legendary Pokemon has been present in the game but that may be changing. A Redditor on The Silph Road subreddit reported finding code that appears to indicate trading, new types of incense and Legendary Pokémon may be coming to Pokémon GO.

The strings “Trade_search”, ”Trade_offer”,  ”Trade_response” and “Trade_result” appear to cover everything you would need to carry out a trade. Whether or not the “Trade_search” function would only operate locally or would work over a wider internet connection is unknown.

While there have been rumors of Legendary Pokémon appearing in Pokémon GO for some time, no one has seen them yet. Niantic, the game’s publisher, may be getting ready to do something about that as the string “activity_catch_legend_pokemon” has appeared in the code.

Incense is a sought-after item that allows players to attract Pokémon to their location. Code found in the most recent update indicates that three new types of incense may be about to make an appearance. The strings referencing incense are “Item_incense_spicy”,  ”Item_incense_cool” and “Item_incense_floral”. Speculation is that spicy will attract fire and perhaps electric Pokémon, cool will attract water and ice Pokémon, and floral will attract Pokémon of the grass and bug varieties.

Right now the code strings are just place holders. When and how Niantic will implement the suggested changes is unknown. However, if the changes come soon, they may help to offset the decline in Pokémon GO players that has recently been reported.

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