It’s Your Last Full Day To Catch Legendary Bird Moltres In Pokemon GO

It’s Your Last Full Day To Catch Legendary Bird Moltres In Pokemon GO

The Legendary Pokemon are in full rotation in Pokemon GO, and just like Articuno before it, Moltres is preparing to leave the game for an unspecified period of time. Trainers around the world have been fighting the Fire-Type Legendary Bird for nearly a week but today, August 6, marks your last full day to capture the thing if that’s what you’re after. Moltres leaves tomorrow, August 7, to be replaced with Electric-type Legendary Bird and Team Instinct mascot Zapdos on the same day.

Moltres was a much easier battle than either Lugia or Articuno, owing mostly to its weakness to Rock and Water-type attacks without any strong moves to counter. Teams of Golem and Vaporeon made fairly short work of the Legendary Bird, with one especially adventurous team able to take it down with only two trainers. As usual, the most dangerous opponent always turns out to be low catch rates, which makes it difficult for even skilled trainers to capture the elusive bird even after a successful fight. Once you got it, however, it proved itself a bit more useful than Articuno, with a higher Max CP and a slightly more useful type.

When exactly Moltres will leave and Zapdos will arrive remains a question mark. Last week, Moltres showed up on the West Coast and in some other areas around 2:00 PT, but us here on the East Coast didn’t actually get to fight the Fire-type creature on its arrival day due to the fact that raids stop spawning after a certain time. It’s not clear if we’ll see the same sort of timing this time around or a bit of a revision, so keep your eyes peeled tomorrow for when Zapdos makes its arrival on the Pokéstage. We’ll be keeping an eye on it here, as usual.

Regardless, your best bet is to snag the Legendary Bird today if you’re angling to add it to your collection. While you’ll likely have another chance tomorrow morning and possibly into the evening, today is the last day you can be 100% sure. Legendary Raids remain the best thing about this game since launch: it’s funny to think that despite being such an inherently social game, Raids are the first genuine multiplayer features added to the game in more than a year. The addition of rotating Legendaries to the roster adds a bit of excitement to the concept, keeping the fun that comes along with a new Pokémon alive for a more extended period of time. And as an added bonus for developer Niantic, it keeps people buying Raid Passes.

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