Articuno Raid Boss

Articuno Raid Boss

Articuno is level 5 or Legendary Level Raid Boss. It is one of the Legendary Raid Bosses in Pokemon GO. As it is Legendary level, it can not be defeated solo. The number of minimum trainers needed is still doubtful, few on Reddit clams it can be defeated by as few as 10 players, but we recommend at least 12 trainers to take it down.

As Lugia is an ICE and FLYING type, and it’s got a few very strong counters.

CP of Lugia Raid Boss is 37603 CP and it can have Max Capture CP of 1676.

Articuno Raid Counters






 Rock Throw – ROCK Rock Slide – ROCK


Fire Spin – FIREOverheat – FIRE


 Fire Fang – FIRE Fire Blast – FIRE


Ember – FIREOverheat – FIRE
Pound – NORMALHyper Beam – NORMAL


Bite – DARKStone Edge-  ROCK


Bullet Punch – STEELIron Head – STEEL


Useful Tips

Please remember Legendary Raids and not meant to fight alone, so do not try to solo it, go with a group. Another thing is always to use Pokemon which is strong against the Legendary and have the right movesets.

Articuno is week against ELECTRIC, STEEL,  and ROCK type moves and takes Super Effective damage from them, due to its dual ICE and FLYING type. Best Pokemon to use against Articuno is Omastar with Rock Throw/ Rock Slide moveset.

In addition, other STEELICEWATER and FIRE type Pokemon are interesting as they take reduced damage from ICE type moves.

Other usable Counters

These Pokemon are weaker than the counters mentioned above, but they are still viable, especially in large raid groups:

  • Lanturn with Charge Beam/ Thunderbolt
  • Charizard with Fire Spin/ Overheat
  • Typhlosion with Ember/ Overheat
  • Kabutops with Rock Smash/ Ancient Power
  • Aerodactyl with Bite/ Ancient Power
  • Houndoom with Fire Fang/ Fire Blast

Considerably weaker, but still viable counters, mostly used in large groups as throwaway attackers:

  • Steelix with Iron Tail/ Heavy Slam
  • Magcargo with Rock Throw/ Stone Edge
  • Sudowoodo with Rock Throw/ Stone Edge
  • Jolteon with Thunder Shock/ Thunderbolt
  • Magneton with Thunder Shock/ Zap Cannon
  • Ampharos with Charge Beam/ Zap Cannon

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