Every Pokemon Has Been Organized into a Tree of Life

Every Pokemon Has Been Organized into a Tree of Life

Pokemon Tree of Life in a massive undertaking that’s been improved upon as more Pokemon generations are released. Version 4.0 of the Pokemon Tree of Life shows every single Pokemon to-date, all organized according to their biological features and relationships.

With how zoomed-out the full image is, it truly puts it into perspective just how many Pokemon are out there. Some images are so small you have to look at much larger version of the image to even tell which Pokemon it is.

If you want to do just that and comb through each branch of the tree to find your favorite Pokemon and learn where they fit in with other Types and species, you can see the full image here on Reddit.

It was originally posted to both the gaming and Pokemon communities on the online forums by a user who goes by the name of Innocuous Spaniard, a Pokemon enthusiast who seems to have taken over the helm of the growing project, for now.

For those that have any experience looking through similar trees of other types that categorize flora or fauna, you’ll see some pretty familiar characteristics being applied here.

On some of the branches, you have some common sense groupings like Houndoom and Arcanine in the canine branch while Persian and Delcatty find themselves in the feline category. Birds, beetles, and other common groups are just a few of the other areas to explore.

But once you leave that familiar territory, you start to find some pretty interesting additions to the Pokemon Tree of Life.

For one, if you look up in the top of the tree right near the middle where the humanoid Pokemon are organized, you’ll find that humans are also on the tree. That brings up an old theory that humans are actually Pokemon themselves, just a more dominant and evolved species.

The “Completely Artificial Life” section in the top-left corner is also a great place to start if you want to dig into more Pokemon lore since those type of Pokemon almost always have interesting stories related to their creation.

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