Dragon Quest Walk: A Pokemon Go Style Dracon Quest Game

Dragon Quest Walk: A Pokemon Go Style Dracon Quest Game

Pokemon Go was a massive hit, due to which we have seen multiple clones of the game trying to capture some market share but without success. Though some games had something different to offer like Jurassic World Alive, some were just a ripoff like Draconius Go (which later introduced a lot of features before Pokemon Go).

This year we will see more games try and compete with Pokemon Go. Harry Potter: Wizards Unite by Niantic itself and one by Square Enix.

Dragon Quest Walk for iOS and Android devices was announced by Square Enix last Monday. Which as the name suggests will be a mobile spin-off of the popular Japanese RPG series which is over 30 years old.

Dragon Quest Walk will involve walking around and interacting with creatures and location on the map.

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Official announcement:

Dragon Quest Walk is more of a traditional RPG than Pokemon Go, with quests to accept, monsters to battle, and townspeople to speak to. When you tap on a monster on the world map, you will enter a turn-based battle with that monster that looks incredibly similar to one of the old Dragon Quest games. Defeating monsters rewards your character with experience, and you can level up to improve your stats.”

Video of the game:


It won’t be just about fighting monsters and completing quests, players will also have their own room which can be customized. To decorate the room you have to collect furniture and other items during your adventures.

The launch date of the game has not been released yet but a closed beta for iOS and Android players will begin on June 11th.

Dragon Quest Walk subreddit.

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