Draconius Go: Max CP Rebalance

Draconius Go: Max CP Rebalance

Max CP of creatures in Draconius Go has already been discovered, here is the full list of Max CP. What you might have noticed previously was that Fire and Earth-type creatures were comparatively weaker but now they are Rebalance.

Official Max CP Rebalance Announcement:

It’s no place for the weak!

You might have noticed that the leaders of Fire and Earth look weaker than their opponents in combat. And we agree with you.

Therefore, from now on, Scylla, Grendel, Smoargh and Picaroon will increase their combat parameters. This change will come into effect after the first upgrade of your creature.

New Rebalanced Max CP:

  • Picaroon – 3500, up from 3300, +6% increase
  • Smoargh – 3800, up from 3500, +8.5% increase
  • Grendel – 3000, up from 2800, +7.15% increase
  • Scylla – 3800, up from 3000, +26.6% increase

The biggest winner of this rebalance is Syclla, which has been buffed 26.6%. This change has balanced the Elements, so now Earth creatures as attractive as other elements.

Top 5 creatures still are:

  1. Leviathan
  2. Neptune
  3. Morgoroth
  4. Armorank and
  5. Manticore.

Rank Change

  • Scylla moved from 13th to 6th place, same as Smoargh.
  • Picaroon despite the buff has actually lost a place to accommodate Scylla.
  • Grendel gained one place, now have the same Max CP as Gryphon.

The following picture reflects the Max CP change.

Draconius Go Max CP before after


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