Dracnoius Go Crystal of Wisdom

Dracnoius Go Crystal of Wisdom 1

Crystal of Wisdom in Draconius Go is a consumable item. When Crystal of Wisdom is used, the experience points you earn will double for every task, duration of this is 30 minutes.

A player can buy it from the Shop for 80 coins, or in bundles (8 for 500 coins, 25 for 1250 coins).

It is usually a good idea to keep them for experience-intensive sessions, such as mass creatures evolving.


Crystal of Wisdom

Draconius Go Crystal Of Wisdom
A Crystal of Wisdom as it appears in-game.


Doubles earned experience for 30 minutes.


Level up, Shop


50-80 coins

Tips: Farm for Creature which cost fewer stones to evolve, this will allow you to get huge XP in short time.

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