A Big Ban Wave mostly affecting bot accounts – Third ban wave of 2017

A Big Ban Wave mostly affecting bot accounts – Third ban wave of 2017

Botting and cheating forums today are filled with reports from players about bot accounts getting banned. It’s still early but the amounts of reports coming in suggests that Niantic is on to bot accounts and this ban wave could be massive.

Looks at the reports on botting forums (Reddit discussion on this ban wave) suggest that the main target of this ban wave is Bot accounts, which are mainly used by maps scanner, automatic leveling of accounts using bots from Bossland (we earlier reported how that can also stop) and any other way of cheating. But some reports suggest that GPS spoofing may also on Niantic radar and those accounts are also getting banned, it’s too early to confirm.

This is the Third big ban wave this year. Niantic in the past handed out bans . There was one such wave approx. Jan 20-24 and another one around March 2nd to 4th. You can see such waves if you check the activity in public available chat areas or forums frequented by botters – yes – some have their own ban sections to alert their fellow ‘players’.

Further the reports on these popular botting forums indicates that targeted accounts were previously reported by players, often found in Gyms and were previously known for fraudulent activity.

In other words, reporting bots and cheaters does have an effect on the outcome of these ban waves.

For legitimate players, this is the perfect time to claim Gyms in your area again. Although this ban wave is not specifically targeting spoofers, it’s evident that a number of high Gym spots are taken by bot accounts.

There has been no confirmation from Niantic, but we’re not expecting one, as past Ban Waves were also not announced or confirmed.

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