Months before Generation II came out, many trainers had Chansey as their buddy, which comes as no surprise – Chansey is very rare to spot in the wild and it’s even rarer to hatch it from 10KM eggs. And it evolves into Blissey, the meta defining HP powerhouse.

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Blissey overview

The beast with many names, the devil of Gym defense. Blissey has defined the current DPS and CP heavy meta game. You can’t simply bring superior typing to a Blissey fight, you need to bring your biggest gun, your biggest CP Pokemon.

Blissey is the best gym defender since Generation II was released for the following reasons:

  • it’s NORMAL typing has very few (if any real) counters
  • the recent introduction of moves like Counter FIGHTING makes it easier to fight her, but not much easier
  • it’s Pokemon with highest sum of stats in both generations
  • 510 Stamina makes it by far the strongest tank to have in a Gym
  • She’s twice strong as a Snorlax

Best Blissey movesets

RoleQuick moveCharge move
⚔️Gym offensePound NORMALHyper Beam NORMAL
?️Gym defenseZen Headbutt PSYCHICDazzling Gleam FAIRY
?PvP (speculative)Pound NORMALHyper Beam NORMAL

Pokemon GO Blissey counters

Much like Tyranitar, Blissey is weak against FIGHTING type attacks and it receives double super effective damage in gym battles. However, our experience has shown that even perfect IV Machamp or Heracross hardly stand a chance against Blissey.

NORMAL type attacks do full damage to Fighting typed Attackers, and the additional downside is that Fairy and Psychic attacks type do super effective damage, resulting in a complete beat down if you fail to dodge a charged move.

Blissey counters

DragoniteGolem Pokemon
Dragon Breath DRAGONRock Throw ROCK
Hyper Beam NORMALStone Edge ROCK

Our research showed the following:

  • Dragonite is rather strong, but Fairy moves crush him – dodging is mandatory!
  • Vaporeon and Donphan can parry all Blissey moves, but they are really, really slow to take her down
  • Ursaring with Counter / Close Combat looks like he should be able to stand a chance but his low CP drags him down
  • Scizor with any fast moveset and a few dodges is able to do some major damage, but due to its’ low health it still has no chance

In future exploration we found that there is indeed a sleeve of viable Blissey counters, mostly ROCK typed:

  • Rhydon – it has access to FIGHTING moves like Rock smash, but it is very slow and it’s rather hard to dodge with Rhydon
  • Golem – durable, has access to very fast Quick moves. With Rock Throw (which is a lot faster then Rhydon’s Rock Smash) and few dodges, Golem can easily beat Blissey even without having access to Fighting moves

In conclusion, if you don’t have near perfect attacking Dragonite or Golem you are going to hate that Blissey in Gym.

Pokemon GO Blissey movesets explanation

  • Pound and Hyper Beam put out most DPS mostly due to their Normal typing (STAB) and due to Pound being very fast
    • You can use this moveset for Attacking, as well as Defending, with only ROCK and STEEL Pokemon standing any chance versus the huge DPS these moves offer
  • Zen Headbutt PSYCHIC / Dazzling Gleam FAIRY is the best defending moveset since Zen Headbutt deals more damage and generates energy quicker on defense than Pound. Dazzling Gleam is also faster than Hyper Beam and it’s super effective against DRAGON, DARK and FIGHTING
  • In all honesty, any Blissey moveset is a good defending moveset, mostly due to her incredible stamina

Possible Blissey movesets

Pound NORMALHyper beam NORMAL7/15025.6031.95
Zen headbutt PSYCHICHyper beam NORMAL12/15025.2030.10
Pound NORMALPsychic PSYCHIC7/10023.7025.15
Zen headbutt PSYCHICPsychic PSYCHIC12/10023.3023.30
Pound NORMALDazzling gleam FAIRY7/10020.1521.60
Zen headbutt PSYCHICDazzling gleam FAIRY12/10019.7519.75