Will Pokemon Go Ever Get PvP Or Trading?

Will Pokemon Go Ever Get PvP Or Trading?

When Pokemon Go has released year and a half ago, it had few social components missing like PvP or trading, which were a part of the handheld version of the game. As they were also part of the Pokemon Go trailer, it seemed like an odd oversight.

With fans asking questions, Niantic CEO John Hanke commented on it in February of 2017:

“PvP and Pokemon trading are features that may have already been in the game if not for all the server trouble Niantic had to fix near launch. The truth is many delays of major features maybe because of those initial problems, but Niantic believes fixing the fundamentals were important before moving on. But both trading and PvP are “on the way.”

And yet, here we are a year and a half after launch, new features like raids, weather effects, and increased AR capabilities are here, but the basics PvP and trading remain absent.

Hanke also said that the current gym battling system is “rudimentary” and something he would like to correct in the future. While gyms have been reworked, battling remains the same.

I believe PVP and Trading are not on the priority list of Niantic as at this point they will add very little to the game.


As the battle system is rudimentary, player versus player matchups in this state would need a very little strategy or skill, which won’t add much to the game’s experience. Live Server-side battles will also be a challenge for Niantic.

Pokemon Go has just one endgame, filling your Pokedex. There’s no Elite Four to beat, no Team Rocket to take down.

So if trading is introduced it will destroy what little endgame Pokemon Go does have. If Payer does not need to explore the wild to find those they are missing, and can just trade with a friend or stranger for them, you’re no longer motivated to keep playing the game.

One can say a restricted version of PvP or trading can be introduced like PVP with a friend who is standing right next to you and for trading, again, you can trade with a friend in close proximity in person.

And if PvP and trading are reduced to that, is there really any point to them at all?

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