Shiny Pikachu has now been released WORLDWIDE

Shiny Pikachu has now been released WORLDWIDE

Most of the Trainers around the world are waiting for Legendary Pokemon Mewtwo to be released worldwide, but in mean time shiny Pikachu can now be caught around the world by Pokemon Go Players.

A trainer in Saskatoon, Canada has caught a Shiny Pikachu, confirming that it can now be caught outside of Japan. It was first released at the Pikachu Outbreak Festival in Yokohama, which ended today.

A Shiny Pokemon is an ultra-rare variants of normal Pokemon with alternate coloration or rare coloration. They has a slightly brighter shade of their species color than its non-Shiny form.

In Pokemon Go trainers can tell the difference thanks to a “sparkly” animation that appears around them. There’s no in-game advantage to having a Shiny Pokemon, although that probably won’t stop many players from wanting one for their collection.

Presumably, the appearance of Shiny Pikachu in the wild also means that Shiny Pichu and Shiny Raichu are also obtainable. Players can evolve their Shiny Pikachu into a Shiny Raichu, while Shiny Pichu can be hatched from eggs.

Pokemon Go first released Shiny Pikachu last week, making it the second Shiny Pokemon added to the game. Shiny Magikarp can also be caught in Pokemon Go, which can then be evolved into Shiny Gyarados.

Unfortunately, there’s no “trick” to catching a Shiny Pikachu in the game. Shiny Pikachu are randomly generated and players won’t know whether they’ve found a Shiny Pikachu until they’re in the encounter screen.

Of course, Shiny Pikachu wasn’t the only surprise added to Pokemon Go over the last few days. Pokemon Go also added Mewtwo as a special new Raid Boss that can only be battled in a new Exclusive Raid Battle feature. We are also getting news about exclusive Mewtwo Raids showing up outside of Japan. Stay tuned for an update regarding that.

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