Reports of Pokemon Go Trainer Accounts Hacked!

Reports of Pokemon Go Trainer Accounts Hacked!

Pokemon Go is one of the most popular mobile game as of now, although it has gone done its July peak, it’s still has a huge player base. Due to its popularity hack community is always trying thing out on it, some has community service in mind, some may have commercial motive. So many 3rd party apps to help and cheat in the game all trying to hack or circumvent the security measure, with time they are always successful. But Niantic is always changing things and adding new security measures. As it can be seen with version 0.39 update for android hasn’t been cracked after weeks of release.

But it has been reported on Reddit that Pokemon Go trainer account of upto 93,000 player may have been hacked. A file with Username and Password was uploaded on the community, which has been removed now. Some have also reported that they had to go for account recovery to regain access to their account.

So we would like to advise our readers who have Pokemon Go trainer account to change their password to be on safer side. Google account are safe as of now, so no need to worry.

It is also advised that do not log into 3rd party apps, as no one know, they might be storing logging information.

So be safe and happy hunting (Go and Catch’em all).


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