Rare Shiny Pikachu REVEALED for Niantic birthday event

Rare Shiny Pikachu REVEALED for Niantic birthday event

POKEMON Go fans could soon be hunting for a rare Shiny Pikachu that Niantic may add with a big update to celebrate the smash hit game’s first birthday.

Pokemon Go players in the next few days could be trying to catch the rare, Shiny Pikachu which is rumoured to be like previous Pikachu-centric events.

The Shiny Pikachu is rumoured to be coming to Pokemon Go ahead of the iPhone and Android game’s first birthday, being celebrated on July 6.

SlashGear said they’ve been given a tip-off about Pokemon Go getting the Shiny Pikachu, and claimed it will become available within the next WEEK.

They claim the Shiny Pikachu has been in the game’s code for some time, and with the game’s first birthday coming up it’s the perfect time to release it.

If a Shiny Pikachu is released, you can bet – like with the Shiny Magikarp – it will be very, very difficult to come across.

Some people attending the big ACM Siggraph convention – which kicks off tomorrow – have already received e-mails about an incoming rare Pikachu.

This will raise hopes that Pokemon Go fans could be about to see the release of the Shiny Pikachu anytime soon.

According to Pokemon Go Informer, some attendees received an e-mail which said: “Niantic, Inc., creator of Pokemon GO, will release a rare Pikachu.”

Alternatively, it could just be a limited-time event Pikachu – much like the cute Christmas wearing hat Pikachu released during the festive period.

Fans attending the upcoming Pokemon Go Fest will surely be hoping the Shiny Pikachu will be available by then, for them all to hint for.

The Pokemon Go Fest was announced by Niantic earlier this year, and will happen on July 22 in Chicago, Illinois.

While tickets are sold out, exciting details have revealed what is planned for Pokemon Go fans.

The Pokemon Go Fest will feature three Team lounges, all of which will face a Gym Video Pillar.

It has also been confirmed that the Petrillo Music Shell at the site will be the stage of the “ultimate gym”.

The ultimate gym appears to suggest that something big will be released during the event.

Pokemon Go fans will surely be hoping this will be a Legendary Pokemon.

Niantic have already confirmed that new global in-game rewards will be available during the festival.

And it would make sense that Trainers would be able to work together doing synchronised raids around the world to catch something special.

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