Multiple PokeStops updated with new photos taken by Ingress players!

Multiple PokeStops updated with new photos taken by Ingress players!

We’re receiving reports that multiple PokeStops were updated with new high resolution photos, all of which were taken by Ingress players! We are still scrambling to verify the geographical range of these reports, but the word on the street is that it’s worldwide.

Our local GPS mastermind, Rdash123, has been actively playing Ingress and submitting photos of Ingress portals since January. Today, he was able to confirm that a majority of his photo submissions were accepted and are now visible both in Pokemon GO and Ingress.

As reported, Niantic has only imported “featured” portal pictures, however they also imported textual updates to multiple PokéStops that correlate with Ingress portals.

We have no information if any new PokeStops were added as a part of this update.

Ingress + Pokemon GO

We asked Rdash to verify the reports with screenshots from both games and here they are. The album below shows the updated photo both in Pokemon GO and Ingress.

The photo was accepted 6 days ago by NianticOps and now it is displayed also in Pokémon GO:

According to Rdash, this is not the only thing that was changed, as a number of description and name changes for PokeStops was also applied today. Our source had problems remembering the details of descriptions he updated, but he was confident that they were changed.

As we already know, Niantic is periodically updating their PokeStops information using Ingress and OpenStreetMaps, so this update comes as no surprise.

Ingress is the game Niantic built before they’ve built Pokemon GO, so it’s expected that they will reuse some of the technology and data. For those interested in more information, we’ve already covered the link between Ingress and Pokemon GO in depth.

Were any of the PokeStops in your local area updated today? Did any new PokeStops appear recently (or even today) in your area?

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