Pokemon Sun and Moon Global Mission tasks players with winning at the Loto

Pokemon Sun and Moon Global Mission tasks players with winning at the Loto

Pokemon Sun and Moon players can take part in the newest Global Mission from today. Starting today, players must win at the Loto in Festival Plaza or Hau’oli City in Pokemon Sun and Moon. Players worldwide will need to win 1,000 times.

Winning once will grant the player a Rare Candy and if the worldwide mission makes it to 2,000, everyone will with the game synced to Pokemon Global Link (PGL) will be handed a Fast Ball. Should the mission fail, folks will be handed 200 Festival Coins as a consolation prize.

Players who have Pokemon Sun and Moon tied to PGL will be handed 4,000 Festival Coins if the mission succeeds. If the mission fails, 400 Festival Coins will be granted.

Since the game was released in November 2016, there have been eight prior Global Missions. The first two events ended in failure after players didn’t catch 100 million Pokemon or capture or defeat one million Pokemon using the Island Scanfeature, respectively.

Subsequent missions were met with success though, after Game Freak altered future Pokemon Sun and Moon Global Missions targets due to the results of the first two missions.

Last month, the Global Mission recently tasked players with claiming and defending the title of League Champion. Globally, players needed to accumulate 100,000 instances of winning the title.

It was successful, with 235,000 players beating the second goal of 200,000. The ninth Pokemon Sun and Moon global mission will end on August 8.

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