Pokemon Go: Has next Niantic event just been discovered?

Pokemon Go: Has next Niantic event just been discovered?
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GOOD NEWS for Pokemon Go fans, who could be treated to another new event involving Pikachu and some special hats.

Pokemon Go fans are speculating about the details of the next big in-game event and update.

And it appears the next Pokemon Go event could involve Pikachu and some nifty new hats.

To celebrate the 20th anniversary of the anime series and the release of the 20th Pokemon movie in July, Pokemon Sun and Moon players have a chance to download one of six different Pikachu models, each wearing one of Ash’s hats from the TV show.

Fans can get a code for the Pokemon Sun and Moon hats by pre-ordering tickets for the film.

Nothing has been announced for Pokemon Go, but an advert for the promotion suggests that the Niantic app could get something similar.

As Daily Star points out, Japanese cinema chain TOHO already has an agreement in place with Niantic and the Pokemon GO game.

The TOHO promotional video sees Pikachu spinning a Pokestop, which then spits out a selection of Pokeballs with Ash’s cap.

Pokemon Go already introduced new hats for Pikachu before Christmas and again in February.

Pikachu was seen wearing Santa hats during the festive period and party hats for Pokemon Day.

Niantic will be hoping to keep players entertained until the release of Legendary Pokemon.

Niantic recently narrowed down the release date for Legendaries, which have been confirmed for 2017.

Game director John Hanke had previously said that three major updates would hit Pokemon Go this year, so we can safely assume that one of these will be reserved for the release of Legendaries.

Likewise, it’s safe to assume that Niantic is planning something big for the game’s first anniversary this summer. Perhaps the two are linked.

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