Pokemon Go to Sponsor Event in Ohio

Pokemon Go to Sponsor Event in Ohio

Ohio is getting its very own Pokemon Go event. The John S. and James L. Knight Foundation has announced another Pokemon Go  sponsored event, this time in Akron, Ohio.

The event will take place on August 26 and 27, which coincides with the University of Akron’s freshmen orientation period. The purpose of the event is to help new students form “lasting connections” with the city of Akron.

During the event, downtown Akron will include an increased number of temporary PokéStops, many of which aligned with a map of local retailers and other downtown destinations.

There will be a particularly dense collection of stops connecting the University of Akron’s campus to downtown attractions, encouraging players to experience the city’s easy walkability and other offerings. There will also be several “live” activities, including scavenger hunts, live music, drawing sessions, vendor areas, walking tours, photo opportunities and a social media scavenger hunt.

The event also coincides with the Rubber City Ribs and Jazz Festival, which is also held in downtown Akron.

Akron might seem like a random location for a Pokemon Go event, but the city was the birthplace of the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation, which partnered with Pokemon Go earlier this year to hold a number of “Open Streets” events.

While this will be a great opportunity for Pokemon Go players who live in Ohio, don’t expect the event to feature any exclusive Pokemon or special surprises like Pokemon Go Fest or the Pikachu Outbreak Festival.

A similar event in Charlotte held earlier in the summer didn’t feature any “surprise” spawns like Shiny or region-exclusive Pokemon. However, the Akron event will be on the last weekend that the Legendary Birds will be available, so players can at least look forward to having plenty of people to raid with over the two day event.

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