Pokemon Go Permanent Ban Wave in September, 2016

Pokemon Go Permanent Ban Wave in September, 2016

Pokemon Go have been a huge hit and broken a lot of records. With such vast popularity, pokemon go was destine to attract both honest players and the slightly crooked players, cheating has been high in the game. Reason why players cheat may wary, some are too lazy to go out and play, while other blame poor tracking system for that. With all this, cheating in Pokemon go is high.

Three most used ways of cheating are:

  • GPS Spoofing – Players have used apps to fake their location and with that they can play Pokemon Go anywhere in the world, without even going out.
  • Bots – There are software’s which will play the game for you doing all the stuff a normal player would do, this helps people level up faster, as a bot will never get bored of doing same thing over and over.
  • Sniping – Like bots there are software which will catch rare Pokemon’s for you.

With all this going on Niantic in starting offered Soft bans to people they thought were cheating, but from August they started offering permanent or lifetime ban to people suspected of cheating. First ban wave came in August and a lot of accounts were banned. Now there have been reports of Niantic hitting people breaking terms of service with another ban wave starting on the 29th of September. 

There is always a debate about using above methods to advance in the game fast.

So, have you been banned due to cheating?

What are your thoughts about this?

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3 responses to “Pokemon Go Permanent Ban Wave in September, 2016”


    Haven't caught me using a bot yet, running it bout 3 months yet to
    be banned, not even a softban

  2. Adam

    I'm safe as of now

  3. gaurav

    All I want to say is Niantic should be more careful with bans as people
    not cheating also get banned

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