Pokemon Go Adds Kangaskhan In California

Pokemon Go Adds Kangaskhan In California

The Pokemon World Championships is getting a special Pokemon Go spawn that isn’t usually available.

Organizers of the biggest Pokemon event of the year announced that Kangaskhan will spawn at Anaheim this weekend to celebrate the confluence of Pokemon players. Typically, Kangaskhan only spawns in Australia as one of the game’s regional-exclusive Pokemon. The spawns will take place “around the Anaheim area,” so players shouldn’t need to attend the World Championships to find one of these usually hard to get Pokemon.

In addition, Tauros will also spawn in greater numbers so that those traveling in from other parts of the world have a chance to catch North America’s regional-exclusive Pokemon.

The World Championships is the Pokemon franchise’s biggest annual competitive event. Players this year will play the Pokemon video game, trading card game, and PokkenTournament to determine the best players in the world. While there’s no competitive Pokemon Go event at the World Championships, it’s great to see the game join in the festivities.

Players earn invites to the Pokemon Championships by participating in a series of regional and international competitions held throughout the year. While players can earn points by competing in local events, the biggest prizes are reserved for those who place in four major International Competitions held in North America, Latin America, Oceania, and Europe.

While region-exclusive Pokemon were once extremely rare due to their limited spawn radius, Pokemon Go has gradually loosened their spawn limits over the summer. Earlier this year, Pokemon Go unlocked the Central/South American exclusive Pokemon Heracross in Chicago for Pokemon Go Fest.

The game also added Kangaskhan spawns across Europe for a mini-event earlier this month and added the European-exclusive Pokemon Mr. Mime to spawns at the Pikachu Outbreak Festival in Japan last weekend.

The World Championships will run from Friday August 18th to Sunday August 21st.

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