Pokemon GO Community About To Reach Global Catch Challenge 3 Billion

Pokemon GO Community About To Reach Global Catch Challenge 3 Billion

3 Billion is a considerable amount of Pokemon. Toward the begin of Pokemon GO‘s Global Catch Challenge, it appeared like a huge number to achieve, yet the community has all the earmarks trying, regardless of the possibility that things are coming down to the wire to some degree. Niantic as of late reported that players had gotten 2.8 billion Pokemon as of now, placing us in striking from unlocking Farfetch’d.

It’s anything but difficult to lose all sense of direction in an event like this without some kind of individual objective framework to enable players to both track their own particular achievements alongside the worldwide ones and to rouse them to get out getting on a smaller scale.

Ths is an area where Niantic could make improvements in future. In any case, the Global Catch Challenge has been a major achievement, offering another interpretation of how Niantic can approach limited time events in a way that draws in the community.


The most important thing about the Global Catch Challenge is that it is something that players have been requesting basically since the start: a mission. A mission doesn’t need to be complex – they just need to supplement day to day gameplay.

In Pokemon Go, the only real goals are leveling up, training Pokémon and completing the Pokedex, and all of these are sort of sprawling, nebulous tasks without clearly defined endpoints, leaving players to stick their own particular goalposts in the ground as they see fit.

It’s anything but difficult to get lost, and a lack of direction is the reason behind why we saw such huge player base stopped playing. This decline has slowed down as the number of players that are left are the ones who are more qualified to this style of gameplay.


In any case, the Global Catch Challenge is a much-needed addition to the gameplay. It is different from Events like the Halloween event, where individuals could get what they needed in only a couple of minutes of gameplay.

It’s good not just for Pokemon Go but also for Harry Potter: Wizards Unite, which can hopefully learn from some of Pokemon Go’s mistakes when it launches next year.

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