Pokemon Go: Farfetch’d Unlocked In Just 6 Days

Pokemon Go: Farfetch’d Unlocked In Just 6 Days

Global Catch Challenge event to catch 3 billion Pokemon is now complete, and the community has been rewarded with Farfetch’d appearing worldwide.

In the course of six days, the Pokémon Go community has gained relentless ground towards getting 3 billion Pokemon. Indeed, three billion – without a doubt, an absurd amount. But, as of the early hours of Sunday morning – and easily inside time limit – this number has been reached.

Farfetch’d is presently spawning worldwide outside of Japan for 48 hours.

Players in Japan, in the meantime, get the Australia-exclusive Pokemon Kangaskhan.

Progress towards that 3bn total has accelerated thanks to the gradual unlocking of double XP, double Stardust and increased Pokemon spawn along the way. All of these in-game effects will last until the end of the month.

3bn Pokemon in just over six days. And people say Pokémon Go is dead.

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