Pokemon Go Equinox Event Coming

Pokemon Go Equinox Event Coming

Pokémon GO is getting back on the worldwide event train with a new Equinox event that kicks off September 22nd and runs through October 2nd.

It’s not exactly the most revolutionary event in the world based on what’s being offered, ie. there aren’t any new mechanics or minigames in play, but this is a return to the “old school” type of event that the game has been missing. And there’s an extremely important reward for this one: bonus Stardust.

Here’s a full breakdown of what to expect from the Pokemon GO Equinox event:

  • Double Stardust for catching Pokémon and hatching eggs
  • 2 km eggs that contain non-2 km Pokémon like Chansey, Larvitar and Mareep
  • Special boxes in the story that include Lucky Eggs, Lure and new Super Incubators which hatch eggs 1.5x faster
  • Registering a new Pokémon to your Pokedex will net you triple XP

Kind of a random collection of bonuses there, but the Stardust one is key. It’s by far the most valuable currency in the game at this point, one of the only things you cannot collect from raiding, and it’s key in upgrading Pokémon as it can take hundreds of thousands of Stardust to max out even one of your powerful Pokémon. As far as I can recall, there have only been a scarce handful of times when Stardust has been a part of any Pokémon GO event, so this is going to be a must-play for players who are constantly running low on the stuff, which should be more or less everyone. The Stardust economy is a bit broken in GO, and it makes you want to upgrade practically no Pokémon but your absolute strongest, but this should help with that burden to some extent.

The mini eggs are a neat idea, and the Pokémon they contain are certainly on the rare side, even if Larvitar hatches have been sort of negated by Tyranitar raids. Still, it’s nice to see that this event has literally nothing to do with raids and focuses on catching Pokémon and hatching eggs, which is what the game used to be based around until raids took over everything. We have heard about Super Incubators coming to the game for a while now, and I’m curious to see how much they’ll cost (200 coins?) and if they’ll be sold outside of this bundle once the event wraps.

This is definitely what GO needed to do right now. I’m not sure how energized the playerbase will be for this event, as we are certainly not in the same place we were a year ago, but double Stardust is going to be hard to resist for anyone still actively playing.

This starts in two days, and we’ll get a larger picture of what to find in mystery 2 km eggs then. Start saving your Pokeballs and gobble up as much Stardust as you can when this starts. There’s no telling when we’ll see another Stardust-based event like this again, and you should definitely take advantage of the Equinox event, especially if you have a new fleet of legendaries that need upgrading.

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