‘Pokemon Go’ Delibird: Everything you need to know about the gift-giving Pokemon

‘Pokemon Go’ Delibird: Everything you need to know about the gift-giving Pokemon

Its already been a full month since Generation 2 Pokemon’s have been out in the wild, but there are still a few holdouts. Wait for Gen 1 rarities like Mewtwo and the Legendary Birds is still on, so not point thinking about Gen 2 legendary Pokemon.

More surprising, Pokemon Go is also missing a couple of non-legendary Gen 2 creatures: Smeargle and Delibird. These pocket monsters weren’t ultra-rare or super powerful in Gold and Silver, so we’re not really sure what the hold up is.

We’ve told you all you need to know about Smeargle. So here’s some info on the delightful Delibird before it comes to Pokemon Go — whenever that may be.

Delibird in the main games

Delibird Pokemon anime

If you couldn’t tell from the GIF above, Delibird is essentially the Santa Claus of the Pokemon world. That is to say that Delibird is a Pokemon constantly bearing gifts. Classified officially by the Pokedex as the “Delivery Pokemon,” Delibird (get it? delivery bird) isn’t trying to hide its gift-giving nature.

Half of its attacks even fit within the theme. Which is to say, one attack. Surprisingly, Delibird only learns a total of two attacks on its own. The first is Present and the second is Drill Peck.

Present randomly either deals damage or heals the opponent. When healing, it recovers one-fourth of the receiver’s HP. When dealing out damage, it offers a base power of 40, 80 or 120. For reference, puny attacks like Peck and Ember do 40 base damage while moves like Outrage and Dragon Ascent  do 120. So Present can actually be pretty deadly.

Why isn’t Delibird in Pokemon Go?

That’s a good question. The most prominent rumors as to when Delibird will arrive suggest during a potential holiday 2017 event. It is the Santa Claus Pokemon, after all. Sure, we just named it that, but look at the red and white. The event announcement practically writes itself.

Unlike Smeargle, whose absence is mostly due to not knowing how his signature move Sketch would integrate into Pokemon Go, it’s very clear what Delibird’s role should be in the game. It’s less a matter of how and more a matter of when. We can only hope Niantic delivers us this delivery Pokemon in nine months time.

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