Pokemon GO Bug That Allow Players To Earn 400,000 XP Per Hour

Pokemon GO Bug That Allow Players To Earn 400,000 XP Per Hour

The latest update released by Niantic for Pokemon Go mainly fixed some of the issues that exist but unfortunately, the new update also brings a new bug. This new Pokemon GO bug will give trainer huge amount of XP after a single gym battle.

Pokemon GO EXP Bug

Normally , a gym can hold up to 10 Pokemon and you can defeat them to certain XP, but this new bug increase the XP earned from that take down.

The news started after a Reddit user, A1Ale, posted a screenshot of his finished gym battle. The image shows that A1Ale defeated 92 Pokemon (which is impossible) and gave him a total of 13,800 experience. According to him, he was expecting that it was a visual glitch, but after he proceeds to the screen he was surprised that he actually get the mentioned amount of experience.

How did the gym battle bug happen?

According to his Reddit comment, the bug started after a lot of trainers attacked the same gym at the same time. After they had finished the battle, the game lagged for a bit which later gave each participant a huge amount of experience. Most of them received the same amount of experience, however, some shows more Pokemon was defeated and a bigger amount of experience.

Looking at the amount of experience that the thread starter received, there is still a way to maximize it. Mathematically, a player can receive at least 400,000 experience per hour if the bug was abused.

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