Pokemon Duel adds hyper-rare Shining Pokemon and Mega Evolutions

Pokemon Duel adds hyper-rare Shining Pokemon and Mega Evolutions

Exciting news in the world of Pokemon Duel, where the latest update has added a host of new features.

These include:

  • Introduction of hyper rare Shining Pokemon – uniquely colored Pokemon to add to your collection
  • Introduction of Mega Evolution’s, making your Pokemon figures even more powerful
  • Higher level caps, thanks to a new item that allows your Pokemon figure’s level cap to be raised from five to 10
  • Room match customisation, allowing players to create their own match rules
  • Periodically rotated Halls, with their own set of rules that vary from the regular league match rules
  • Team-based match events, where players win rewards based on their team’s performance.

Not familiar with Pokemon Duel? It’s a mobile strategy game where players deploy digital Pokemon figures, make strategic moves, and set Pokemon against each other in battle as they try to reach a goal in the opponent’s territory. Check out the promotional video below.

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