Pokemon Anime to Recreate One of the Most Iconic Moments in Cinema

Pokemon Anime to Recreate One of the Most Iconic Moments in Cinema

The newest Pokemon anime series is a veritable treasure trove of pop culture references and gags. From subtle callbacks to previous anime series to entire episodes dedicated to spoofing sports animePokemon Sun and Moon: The Series might be the most fun Pokemon show ever to air on television.

Next week’s episode includes what could be the goofiest visual gag yet. The trailer shows Pikachu standing at the bow of a fishing boat, holding its arms up triumphantly as Popplio supports the Electric-Type rodent from behind. You can check out the trailer for the episode above (be warned though, the narration is entirely in Japanese.)

If that looks familiar, that’s because the scene is a recreation of a famous scene in Titanic in which Kate Winslet stands at the tip of the doomed ship and stretches her arms out as Leonardo DiCaprio holds her and Celine Dion hums in the background. The scene is considered to be Titanic‘s most famous scene and marks the high point of the movie before…y’know, the whole ship sinks.

The Pokemon episode will feature Ash and Lana traveling to Brooklet Hill to fish for “The King of the Lake.” If you’ve played Pokemon Sun and Moon, you know that Brooklet Hill is where players can first encounter and catch Wishiwashi, a wimpy-looking fish that can transform into a monstrous “school form” at a moment’s notice.

We’ll have to wait until next week to see whether the episode sneaks any other Titanic references into the show. If Pikachu ends up on a piece of boat debris with Popplio, we certainly expect Pikachu to end up dead in the water moments after Popplio proclaims that it will never let go.

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