Official Pokemon Personality Quiz: Which Pokemon Are You?

Official Pokemon Personality Quiz: Which Pokemon Are You?

If you have ever wanted to know your perfect Pokemon partner, then it is time you sat down. Thanks to The Pokemon Company, an official Pokemon Personality Quiz has gone live that will give you the answer you’ve been searching for.

Not long ago, The Pokemon Center put out an official personality quiz in Japan for recruitment purposes. The quiz, which can be found here, asks potential employees of the company to figure out what kind of Pokemon they might be.

“There are currently over 800 species of Pokémon. All of them have their own unique strengths and weaknesses, but they all get along with each other,” The Pokemon Center writes.

As such, the Japanese stores have a personality test called “That’s Why We Choose You” which tells people what kind of Pokemon they line up with. Sadly, the test is only in Japanese, and online translators are not quite able to capture the quiz’s meaning. However, Sora News 24 has provided English instructions and translations for fans wanting to take the test.

If you visit the quiz here, you will be prompted to answer 16 questions. Below each question are four boxes, and they have the same responses no matter what. The top-left corner is always yes while bottom-right is no. The bottom-left option is mostly yes while the bottom-right is mostly no.

Pokemon Personality Quiz Questions

1. Do you like looking at data and numbers?
2. If you’re going to do something, do you do a lot of preparation ahead of time?
3. Do you get irritated by people with a laid-back attitude?
4. Do you like thinking deeply about things?
5. Do you take action instead of spending a long time thinking first?
6. If you’re talking about something, do you start by saying your conclusion?
7. Do people often say you’re cold or unfriendly?
8. Do you hate doing useless, ineffective things?
9. Are you a passive-minded person?
10. Can you do anything, if it’s for the sake of others?
11. Do people often say you’re kind?
12. Do you always try to consider what the people around you are feeling before you take action?
13. Do you take the initiative to have active conversations with people you’re meeting for the first time?
14. Without realizing it, do you become the center of attention in conversations?
15. Do people often say you’re cheerful?
16. Do your emotions easily show in your facial expression?

You can begin the 16-question test by clicking here

As you will find, the quiz will assign you the Pokemon which best suits your personality. So far, 20 different possible results have been uncover. You can check out Sora News 24 here to read up on each result explanation here.

So, which Pokemon did the quiz pair you with?

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  1. Braxton

    I got umbreon

  2. Braxton

    Yes I do

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