Niantic new anti-cheat method against GPS spoofers (App blacklist)

Niantic new anti-cheat method against GPS spoofers (App blacklist)

Niantic is currently distributing the update 0.79.2 / 1.49.2 for Pokémon GO. While the official changelog only promises bug fixes, the APK miners from The Silph Road, along with anti-cheat arrangements and signs for a Halloween event, also find numerous sound files for third-generation Pokémon.

We recently reported that Niantic CEO John Hanke has announced the upcoming release of Generation III Pokémon. With the newly released update 0.79.2 (Android) and 1.49.2 (iOS), changes seem to be already in preparation. But one after another:

Niantic speaks in its update message only of different bug fixes and performance improvements.

In order to get a more detailed picture of the changes, therefore, a look at the corresponding subreddit is offered, where The Silph Road has published a report on the results of a detailed APK-Mining. The bug fixes include improvements to the raid lobby and notifications if an EX-Raid is canceled at short notice.

Possible new features include rewards related to passcodes, new augmented reality features and a new infrastructure for performance testing of new updates.

At least for Android devices seem to be indicative of the fact that Niantic has found an effective anti-cheat method against GPS spoofers: An app blacklist is to check the installed apps on GPS spoofers and then prevent the start if necessary.

However, it is disputed whether such a solution is technically possible at all. Reports are still to be awaited.

The most enjoyable news is probably the addition of numerous sound assets for Generation III Pokémon. All species are contained up to # 386 (Deoxys). In addition, a generation III badge was added.

The start of the third generation is therefore likely to be imminent. In addition, there is a reference to Halloween 2017 and matching music, which strongly indicates a corresponding event. A Splash-Screen, which appears on the screen, even suggests that the Generation III launch takes place before or at Halloween.

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