Marvel Super War Updates and Adjustments 2023

Marvel Super War Updates and Adjustments 2023

January Updates

January 12th

As the first-ever member Professor X recruited into the X-Men, as well as one of the leaders of the team, he fights with a unique battle style. His visor allows for piercing sight and also brings forth destructive power. Although uncontrollable energy can be a hassle, this power can play a critical role during the battle.

Cyclops is about to arrive in the Wakandan battlefield! His eyes can fire off lethal beams that are highly destructive. As a tactician who leads the X-Men, how will Cyclops wield his power to his advantage in the Wakandan battlefield?

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Natural Passive: Optic Blast

Passive: Cyclops receives a stack of [Photon Energy] each time he casts Ability 1, 2, or 3.

At 3 stacks of [Photon Energy], Cyclops enters a [Supercharged] state and enhances Ability 1, 2, and 3.

At 6 stacks of [Photon Energy], Cyclops consumes all [Photon Energy] stacks and enters an [Overheated] state, increasing the Attack Speed of his basic attack and dealing AoE damage. Cyclops cannot cast Ability 1, 2, or 3 in an [Overheated] state.

Ability 1: Concussive Beam

Cyclops blasts two intersecting beams from his eyes in the specified direction, dealing damage and inflicting Slow.

Supercharged: Deals bonus damage and inflicts a Stun.

Ability 2: Ruby Surge

Cyclops sends multiple beams in the specified direction, dealing damage to nearby enemies and reducing their Energy Resist.

Supercharged: Increases the damage and Energy Resist reduction effect.

Ability 3: Psionic Force Field

Cyclops expands his psionic field, gaining a shield and increasing Movement Speed.

Supercharged: Receives bonus shield value and Movement Speed.

Ultimate: Ricochet Blast

Cyclops blasts a ricocheting beam at the specified target, ricocheting between nearby enemies and dealing damage. It also deals AoE damage to the enemy hero hit after a short delay.

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