Marvel Super War: Falcon Guide

Marvel Super War: Falcon Guide

Falcon in marvel super war is a Fighter. His abilities are telepathy with birds, flight via wing harness with special weapons.

Falcon takes to the skies with his iconic mechanical wings, Sam Wilson joined the Avengers as Falcon, a rock-steady partner to Captain America and later Steve Rogers’ successor as the new Captain America.

Falcon Stats


Falcon Attacks

Natural Passive

Redwing Passive: Every once in a while, Falcon’s drone locks onto the nearby enemy hero with the lowest HP and exposes three of its weaknesses. Falcon’s basic attacks and [Strafing Fire] can shatter the target’s weaknesses.

Using basic attacks or [Strafing Fire] to shatter weaknesses will deal 25(+1.5%Max HP(Increases 1% every *Level))(+4*Level)(+40%Physical Attack) physical damage. Falcon recovers 50(+3%Max HP(Increases 1% every *Level))(+3*Level)(+25%Bonus Physical Attack) HP when shattering a weakness.

When Falcon has shattered all of the target’s weaknesses, he will put them in a [Fragile State] for 4 seconds. When Falcon uses a basic attack or [Strafing Fire] to attack a target in a [Fragile State], he deals an additional 40(+2%Max HP(Increases 1% every 10*Level))(+5*Level)(+70%Bonus Physical Attack) physical damage or 20(+1%Max HP(Increases 1% every 10*Level))(+3*Level)(+35%Bonus Physical Attack) physical damage, respectively. For every damage dealt, the duration of [Fragile State] is refreshed and his own HP is restored by (+3.5%Max HP(Increases 1% every 10*Level))(+10*Level).

If Falcon does not attack the locked-on target within 6 seconds, the drone looks for a new target.

Strafing Fire

Falcon strafes enemies in front of him with machine gun for up to 3 seconds, firing 3 shot(s) per second with each shot dealing 28(+20%Physical Attack) physical damage. Non-hero units are dealt 150% damage. Using other abilities during the strafe cancels it.

Flank Gliding

Falcon glides in the specified direction, dealing 150(+50%Bonus Physical Attack) physical damage to enemies in his path and knocking back non-hero units.

Winged Defense

Falcon retracts his wings and enters a defensive stance for 1 seconds, during which he is immune to all damage and control effects except those from turrets. In the meantime, he is unable to move or cast abilities.

When his defensive stance ends, he shoots steel feathers in the specified direction, dealing 130(+40%Bonus Physical Attack) physical damage to enemies hit and slowing them by 40% for 1.5 seconds.

If Falcon’s Control Immunity takes effect, the steel feathers deal 260(+80%Bonus Physical Attack) damage and stun enemies hit for 1.5 seconds.

Precision Strike

Falcon calls forth three drones to attack the target locked onto by Redwing, dealing 70(+20%Physical Attack) physical damage to the target and nearby enemies.

The third drone will expand the blast radius and deal 110(+30%Physical Attack) physical damage. This ability deals more damage based on how many weaknesses have been shattered.

The damage dealt to targets with 1, 2, and 3 shattered weaknesses increases by 100%, 150%, and 200%, respectively.

This ability cannot be used when no targets are locked on.

Falcon Gameplay


Stormbreaker, Immortal Glaive, Hydra Boots, Megingjord,Captain America’s Shield, and Deathly Phantom


  • Unstable Radiation (Green), Transform Particle (Green), Repair Device (Green), and Agility Boots (Blue)
  • Unstable Radiation (Green), Transform Particle (Green), Protection Module (Blue) and Speelcast Boost (Purple)

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