Marvel Super War: Adam Warlock Guide

Adam Warlock

Adam Warlock in Marvel Super War is a melee energy hero and is an S Tier Hero. Adam Warlock is a tank type energy hero with huge HP recovery.

Natural Passiveand Golden Chrysalis allows Adam Warlock to increase his maximum HP permanently as he kills a minion or an enemy hero.

So always focus on last hitting enemy minions. If to master his last hit then you will be able to gain a lot of extra HP from this ability.

Adam Warlock Stats

Class Energy/Normal
Difficulty Beginner
Attack 100%
Defense 80%
Mobility 80%
Support 40%

Adam Warlock Attacks

Golden Chrysalis

Passive: Adam’s max HP permanently increases by 4 whenever he KOs a minion. The HP gained from KO’ing a hero is 5 times higher than that of KO’ing a minion.

When Adam receives a fatal blow, he will enter his chrysalis and recover a certain amount of HP every second, before emerging from the chrysalis 4 seconds later.

Dynamic Punch

Press and hold the ability to make Adam channel power before punching in the specified direction, dealing energy damage to enemies in range and slowing them by 30% for 1.5 seconds.

If power is channeled for 1 second or longer, Adam will perform an AoE attack, dealing energy damage to nearby enemies and slowing them by 75% for 1.5 seconds, while his HP recovers by a certain amount each time a hero is hit.

Mystic Beam

Adam shoots a ray in the specified direction, dealing energy damage to enemies in its path and attaching to the first hero hit. If the target is still within 900 yards after 2 seconds, Adam will pull them to himself and stun them for 1.5 seconds.

Cosmic Explosion

Passive: While the ability is in effect, Adam gains 1 cosmic energy per second. He gains 10 additional cosmic energy when damaging heroes and 5 additional cosmic energy when damaging minions.

Active: Adam continuously absorbs energy, dealing energy damage to nearby enemies, and recovering HP every second (HP recovery reduces to 10% when dealing damage to minions).

Using this ability again within 8 seconds will make Adam unleash all of his energy, dealing energy damage to nearby enemies. Each point of cosmic energy increases damage, up to 3 times its original strength.

Adam Warlock Gameplay Guide


Adam Warlock is a top lane hero but also can e used as a mid lane. Use him to harass enemies while recovering your HP as he can use other abilities while using his Ultimate.

Build Items

Build 1 (Mid lane): Antimatter Cannon, Upgraded Hydra Boots, Casket of Ancient Winters, Eye of Aggamotto, Cosmic Cube, Wand of Watoomb

Build Item 2 (Top Lane): Antimatter Cannon, Upgraded Hydra Boots, Darkhold, Eye of Aggamotto, Wand of Watoomb, Megingjord, or Darkhold, Upgraded Hydra Boots, Casket of Ancient Winters, Antimatter Cannon, Wand of Watoomb, and Loki’s Scepter.

Power Cores

Mid Lane cores

Cosmic Vortex – Deals a damage-over-time effect onto the target and nearby enemies.

Strike Particle – Increase damage dealt when your HP is high.

Restoration Module – Hero KOs and assists restore HP.

Spellcast Boost – Grants cooldown reduction.

Top lane cores

Psionic Mark – When in combat, strengthens the next basic attack and grants a shield periodically.

Burst Particle – After controlling enemy heroes, deals explosive damage to enemies around you.

Protection Module – Grants a layer of shield after taking repeated damage from enemy heroes.

Agility Boost – Grants a movement speed bonus.

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