Lapras got nerfed more than you think.

Lapras got nerfed more than you think.

It’s not only the stats… Here is why lapras shouldn’t be considered a strong pokemon anymore

1) Base stats reduced (especially attack).

2) Now it can learn water moves (water gun/hp). That’s a bad news because, now it’s just an inferior vaporeon. No real use as water pokemon. The only use would be as a pure ice Pokemon with both moves as ice type, so to be a dragon killer. That is extremely rare now to get.

3) Lapras enemies have increased, as many more pokemons got fighting attacks (gengar, ursaring, hypno etc) and fighting attacks are very strong now. Don’t forget the other weaknesses of lapras too. Tyrannitar will destroy the poor lapras.

Sorry guys… I have a 96% superb lapras with ice shard and ice beam and it was my pride :'( I walked with over 300 km (and in this event too) so to max it. But let’s face the new reality. Now lapras is a mediocre defender (I doubt it will have any position even in tier 3) and the single use of the old lapras is as dragon killer. The new lapras we will catch/hatch will be even worse.

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