GameStop brings Mystery Pokemon Distribution

GameStop brings Mystery Pokemon Distribution

It’s officially May, and it looks like the Pokemon Company is celebrating with a new Pokemon distribution. According to a leaked schedule, GameStop will be distributing a mystery Pokemon for Pokemon Sun and Moon later this month. The leaked schedule was posted on Reddit earlier today, revealing that GameStop has several Pokemon promotions planned for this month. In addition to the mystery Pokemon distribution, players will also allegedly get discounts on Pokemon merchandise on May 17th and May 27th.

So what is the mystery Pokemon distribution? Our best guess is that it’s a Shiny Tapu Koko. Shiny Tapu Koko was distributed over in Japan earlier this year to help promote a new expansion of Pokemon Trading Cards. That expansion is getting released in the US and Europe this Friday, so it makes sense that we’ll get the Shiny Tapu Koko over here.

Other possibilities are the Ash Hat Pikachu (a Pikachu wearing one of Ash’s hats from the anime series, which can be viewed in the photo gallery below) or Marshadow, which are both getting released in Japan to promote the new Pokemon movie, which comes out this summer.

 The new distribution will start on May 14th, although it’s unclear how long the distribution will last. Mark your calendars and stay tuned to WWG for confirmation that the distribution is coming!

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