Beating Pokemon Go’s Toughest Legendary: Kyogre

Beating Pokemon Go’s Toughest Legendary: Kyogre

Second Gen 3 Legendary Pokemon Kyogre has been released as a Raid Boss, as like most of the Legendaries, Kyogre is a top-level challenge, and you’re not going to be able to solo it. Kyogre won’t go down easy, even its straight water typing is relatively easy to counter. It has powerful charge moves that can make it deadly even to creatures that would otherwise appear to be strong.

Some Strong Counters:


Best Kyogre counter is Electric-type Legendary Raikou, best moves will be, Thunder Shock and Wild Charge. Include as many Raikou as you have in your attack team.


Flying/Electric-type Zapdos is also a good counter as it’s attacks are all Electric-type so you will get super effective damage. Zapdos has a downside as it can easily go down, but High damage still makes it worth.


The Grass-type Sceptile is also a good choice and the best part is you can get a very strong Sceptile without spending many resources. A high-level Treeckos is easy to find as weather boosted Treeckos can easily be Level 30 and above, which can then be evolved into a powerful Sceptile.


Exeggutor is Grass-type and a  common high CP Pokmon making it a useful counter. If you have Exeggutor with Bullet Seed or Solar Beam they can do super effective damage against Kyogre.


A well-rounded attacker with solid overall stats, so it is a good choice when you do not have other options available or even to fill up your 2nd team.


Kyogre’s pair wouldn’t seem to be the best option out there, but a Solar Beam charge move can do some excellent damage and it’s strong enough to take the beating it needs to use it. High overall stats make Groudon a solid choice.

You can also use other Grass and  Electric-type Pokemon and always keep the second team ready.

Catching Kyogre is also a pain and it’s a big Pokemon which means it will be far away and difficult to hit. iPhone users should go for AR+ mode, that way go can close the distance and get a better throw-in.

Android users should try a wide-angle throw, so your Pokeballs cover a long distance and still is in the middle of the screen. As usual, it’s good practice to release the ball towards the end of Kyogre’s attack animation so that you can increase your chances of catching it unaware. Kyogre also drifts horizontally, so if you’re better at throwing curveballs one way or the other, just wait until it slides to your preferred side.

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