Ash Catches a New Pokemon in Anime Series

Ash Catches a New Pokemon in Anime Series

Ash’s team grew by one this week on the latest episode of Pokemon Sun and Moon: The Series. Ash finally caught Litten after several encounters with the Fire-Type kitten Pokemon, which gives him four Pokemon (plus a RotomDex) during his stay in the Alola region.

Ash first met Litten during his first days in the Alola region, when Ash accidentally stepped on Litten’s tail while running along a beach with Pikachu. Litten proceeded to burn Ash’s face with an Ember attack before running away in anger.

Ash later tried to catch Litten a few episodes later but discovered that it was taking care of an elderly wild Stoutland who had raised Litten when it was young and decided to leave it be. Litten and Stoutland later helped Ash’s Rowlet reunite with its trainer after it became separated during a Team Rocket attack.

In the latest episode, Stoutland grew sick and Litten turned to Ash for help. Although Ash successfully got Stoutland medical treatment, the elderly Pokemon still passed away a short time later. With no one to care for it, Litten fell into mourning, but Ash and his Pokemon quickly arrived to comfort Litten.

When Litten had come to terms with its personal loss, Litten agreed to a Pokemon battle with Ash and Pikachu and officially became part of Ash’s squad.

Litten joins Pikachu, Rowlet, and Rockruff on Ash’s team. Rowlett was Ash’s first Alolan Pokemon, which he caught after helping it save a flock of Pikipek, Trumbeak, and Toucannon from a Team Rocket attack. Rockruff was originally Professor Kukui’s Pokemon, but the professor gave the Pokemon to Ash after seeing the close bond the two had formed.

This is the second time that Ash has had two Starter Pokemon from a single region on his team. He also had a Turtwig and Chimchar during his trip to Sinnoh. Coincidentally, Ash has always had the Grass and Fire-Type starters whenever he’s had more than one Starter Pokemon on his team.

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