Jurassic World Alive: Tips and Tricks

Jurassic World Alive: Tips and Tricks

Jurassic World Alive is the newest addition to location-based augmented reality games. It is a free-to-play game featuring Dinosaurs and is developed by Ludia. The game is available for download on both iOS and Android from its official worldwide release on May 24, 2018, 20:35 GMT.

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Recently we have been getting many queries about this game so we have decided to write a post answering questions that are frequently asked.

Jurassic World Alve Tips

Gen 2

  • How are Gen 2 Dinosaurs different?
    Gen 2 Dinosaurs has nothing to do with Gen 1 Dinos as of now, players should consider them as a different dino.
  • Are Gen 2 Dinos stronger?
    Almost all Gen 2 dinosaurs are weaker than their Gen 1 counterparts

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There are 7 Arena levels in Jurassic World Alive (Excluding training ground)

  1. Level 1 Fallen Kingdom – 60 trophies
  2. Level 2 Mt. Sibo – 500 trophies
  3. Level 3 S.S. Arcadia – 1000 trophies
  4. Level 4 Nublar Jungle – 1500 trophies
  5. Level 5 Badlands – 2000 trophies
  6. Level 6 Lockdown – 2500 trophies
  7. Level 7 Sorna Marshes – 3000 trophies
  • Can players choose Arenas?
    No Arenas cannot be chosen but the level of Arena a player will battle in is based on trophy count.
  • How to change or move up/down in Arenas?
    In Jurassic World: Alive Arena level is based on the number of trophy points a player has. Player gain trophies when they win battle and loss trophies then they lose. So, for example, once a player has 60 trophies they will move from training grounds to level 1 Arena Fallen Kingdom and at 500 trophies to level 2 Mt. Sibo. But if trophy count falls below 500 the will again move to level 1 Arena.
  • Can players choose their team?
    Yes, a player can choose a team of 8 dinos but the final 4 dinos which are selected for battle are chosen randomly.


  • Level Up Rewards:
    In Jurassic World Alive the only rewards for leveling up is the max DNA per dart increases by 1. And yes players get a one time offer to buy stuff.
  • Exclusive Arena Dinosaurs
    They are the Dinos which cannot be found in wild and can only be obtained from Arena Incubators.

Daily Limits

  • Are there any Daily Limits?
    Yes, there are daily limits on coins and cash. Coins daily limit depends on players level (1500 coins for level 1 player), you can check coins daily limit as per level on Ludia Support page. Only VIP gets cash from supply drops and this limit applies to them, which is 50 cash per day (this is not yet confirmed).


  • When and where dinos spawn?
    We are still collecting data on this. But there are a usually higher number of spawn point in a park.
  • What factors affect the spawn?
    Different Dinos spawn more frequently during day and night.

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